Thursday, 16 October 2014

Busy tidying the Studio ...

At long last we can find our way around our desks, the shelves have order and the cats have boxes to lounge upon. So now we can get back to what we love most, getting inky fingers and creating little pieces of art. But before we get lost in our imaginations we better get on with..

 .. Fabulous Folksy Friday Finds!

'V' -  is the letter which helped us unearth some lovely items this week, we thought it might prove difficult so were delighted to find such pretty things to brighten up our blog. All the shops mentioned are worth a stop over, their url's are under their photo's.

  'V' is for...

Wear pretty flowers in your hair
V is for Violas - Such pretty little bobby pins to add a dash of colour to your hair. Paula's Folksy shop is simply charming, filled with a nostalgic dolly mixture mix of dainty things for your sewing box:

A lovely mix of fabrics
V is for Vintage - This one of a kind little cushion is made up from fabric pieces found in an old sample book. Beautifully crafted it deserves a home on a chair of it's own. Alison's Folksy shop is filled with fabric delights including cushions, door stops and some very jolly peg bags:

A real piece of ceramic art
V is for Vase - Just love everything about this wonderful vase. Jenny took inspiration from her local surroundings to create this swirling, rippling piece of ceramic gorgeousness. The rolling sea around Epple bay on the Kent coast captured forever in porcelain:

Perfect for every pocket
V is for Vintage - Couldn't resist adding another vintage item in this weeks collection. Especially like the ethos behind the creation of this cute little pocket mirror. 'Daisy Florence' likes to take long forgotten pieces of hand embroidery found decorating old table linens and breathes new life into them by using those skillfully made stitches to adorn new items. Her Folksy shop is a riot of flowery loveliness:

Here the week has not only been taken up with tidying up but also getting Gary's new Mono Print collection ready for release in our online shops. These one of a kind abstract prints capture memories of forgotten views from our travels around France and also some of our favourite places here in UK. 

Gary uses glass plates to mix the inks and then hand presses paper onto the plate to make a truly unique image. I find it hard to pick a favourite as they all capture a moment in time that means so much to me, but just at present I am especially attracted to the fabulous depth captured in 'After the Storm' - an abstract seascape capturing the still calm of the sea just after a turbulent storm has passed over.

'After the Storm' Original Mono Print
'After the Storm' Close up 

The garden is now looking rather battered by the recent rain, sadly the last of the summer flowers have all but faded and the Cosmos, Cornflowers and Nicotiana plants will soon be consigned to the compost bins. Surprisingly the Larkspur which was sown back in May has only just decided to flower, a welcome splash of colour even if it will be very short lived.

Larkspur and rain dashed Cosmos

...the on going story of Howard's Fig.

You might remember earlier in the year the story of our little French fig tree and how it has accompanied us on our numerous travels. Well finally, and after 12 years, at least 9 moves and a couple of re-pots we have finally plucked our very first - and only - fig from it's branches. Even though it was of Lilliputian proportions we halved it and took our time to savour every morsel of it's delicate flesh, a little moment of sheer pleasure... and sun drenched memories.


..and simple pleasures.

By the way, after much debate I left my wobbly tooth behind in the market town of Beverley. Even though it was perfect in every way it was a tooth in miniature and was serving no purpose - other than wobbling - so with the deftness of a Fairy my lovely lady Dentist gently tugged it out. Sans teeth...still have the eyes.

Enjoy your weekend.

'Wild is the music of autumnal winds, amongst the faded woods'.
William Wordsworth.


  1. Fig plants are tough plants, and 12 years before sharing her fruit, I think I'll add stubborn too. Gary's new series are outstanding!!

  2. Lovely picks as always. I've just started a ceramics course at night school so am very very interested in anything ceramic at the mo so I'm fascinated with the vase featured :D
    Gary's print is almost the exact colour of the larkspur....gorgeous!

  3. Love the mono print: the texture in the water and touch of light on the horizon are breathtaking.

    Glad to hear you got a fig off your tree, finally. Might give them a go up here in southern Scotland, but I'm not sure it would do too well.

  4. I hope the tooth fairy gave you a little bonus for that one! Age should have its privileges! the color on the new prints is dazzling. Very beautiful -- and congratulations on your fig! So, now we know the potential of fruit from your tree is NOT a figment of your imagination!

    Thanks for popping by the Gypsy. I loved the word "pranging" for banging up the car. I'd never heard it before but now it is coming into my vocabulary!

  5. Thanks for featuring my cushion. Great blog - it puts mine to shame!