Thursday, 21 May 2015

May 2015.

We've been very remiss with this poor neglected blog but the last few weeks have been remarkably busy, a great deal of time spent in the Studio with us both creating lots of new work. So this post will be crammed to overflowing with photo's showing just what we have been up to.

To catch up from the last posting here, we enjoyed our weekend at the Printmakers fair at the Hepworth Gallery, Wakefield. It was great catching up with other printmakers plus meeting people we know from both this blog and Twitter followers. Think our feet have just about recovered from all that standing!

This weekend we are exhibiting at the Saltaire Inspired Art 'Open Houses' event, 23rd - 25th May. Held in the World Heritage village of Saltaire, just to the west of Leeds, residents open their homes as temporary gallery spaces and allow the public in to view the artwork hanging on their walls. We have some of our prints displayed at 15 William Henry Street, there will also be an opportunity to purchase our work from both within the house and also at the Maker's Fair in Victoria Hall. So if you are within travelling distance the event is well worth a visit for both browsing the artworks and having a peek into the houses!

Wintery Windermere appearing at Saltaire

Back here the garden is moving into it's early summer outfit. We have a battle with slugs and snails at present but have applied some nematoids in the hope they decrease the population. The veg garden is the worst affected with several attempts at growing saladings before they are consumed completely! The flower garden is looking pretty in pink presently but will soon be moving into a purple haze with lots of alliums about to pop.

Waiting in the wings...

The printing press has seen lots of activity, it has acquired an interesting squeak through all it's hard work.

Heather's Auriculas - 3 colours, all potted in terracotta
Dusky Orange Auricula - limited edition print

Gary's new black cat - Curiosity
Gary's Sussex Hens titled - The old man and his girls.

Heather's Sweet Violets

Gary's Blackbird titled - Hidden in the Crab Apples

Heather's Summer Dales a companion piece to the Winter Dales.

..Phew, told you we'd been busy!

Do enjoy your weekend.

'I'm creative - you can't expect me to be neat too'.