Friday, 10 October 2014

Behind the times...

It's that time of year when time just seems to slip through our fingers. Things are getting busy in the Studio, the garden needs it's Autumn tidy up and we have outside jobs on the house that need completing before the weather halts any plans. Also I've been nursing a wobbly tooth for the last couple of weeks. Seems I didn't know my own strength, bit down on some lunch and loosened a tooth! It has a stay of execution to see if it re-fixes itself before the next visit to the dentist. So many things to do that we sadly missed out on writing last week's Friday blog. We are just about back on track, so here is this week's....

 .. Fabulous Folksy Friday Finds!

'U' -  what a tough letter to try and find items, however with some searching we have managed to find some fab items to grace this blog. All the shops mentioned are worth a stop over, their url's are under their photo's.

  'U' is for...

Flying the flag...

U is for - Union Jack Flag wall hanging. This is to be found in one of our favourite shops on Folksy. Julia is a textile artist with a great eye for colour and textures and her flair for incorporating recycled materials in her work makes for truly one of a kind items:

What to hang - Pots, Pans or bunches of herbs?

U is for - Utensil rack, and what a handsome kitchen addition this would make. Colin's shop is a showcase of fabulous curving iron work. There's even a cowboy dinner triangle to summon your hordes to the dinner table, (that would have to be baked beans for tea!) Find them all back in Colin's Folksy shop:

Give your herb garden some style

U is for - Upcycled herb markers. Fiona takes old unloved cutlery and breathes new life into them. Here she has made some very original plant markers which would look great in a herb pot. You'll also find cheese board markers, key rings and tags all back in Fiona's Folksy shop:

Rain, rain go away...

U is for - Umbrella Brooch. A sweet, nostalgic little brooch made out of a jigsaw piece. Louise takes vintage children's books and jigsaws and upcycles them into a jolly assortment of notebooks, bunting and jewellery. A visit to her Folksy shop is guaranteed to make you smile.

Back here we have been dodging the raindrops trying to get outdoor tasks finished. Alas the seasons have caught us out yet again. Our rather elderly log store is in need of a new roof, a job that kept getting postponed all summer long for other garden jobs. Now that we have finally started it the weather has changed. We managed to get the old, rotten roof off before running out of time - and good weather. So for now we can look up to the stars in our log store and all the wood is stacked outside getting wet! Hopefully it will get finished in the next couple of weeks, here's hoping.

Girly log chopping efforts - quite a workout!

This week we lit the log burner for the first time this season and our cats rejoiced in the glow. Our tortie loves to drape herself, at full stretch, on the rug in front of it whilst our little tabbie likes to leap up onto the top of the bookcase to enjoy all the rising hot air. It would seem we all love a real fire here.

In the studio we are getting geared up for the festive season. It needs a good tidy up and we also need to stock check and order in packing materials, there's an air of glittery excitement already! We are still working on prints, I've a floral which needs two more visits to the press and Gary is about to start work on another bird print. While it is great to have a tidy work space it's even better to get back to creating art.

This chap scampered off to a new home this week

Enjoy your weekend.

'Don't let yesterday take up too much of today'.
Cherokee Proverb.


  1. Hi Heather! Thank you so much for including my UJ in your collection. I love the other featured items: you have a knack for finding beautiful and interesting pieces! Hope your tooth recovers. We will be lighting our wood burning stove when we get back home later today following a week in Yorkshire. Can't wait!

  2. Hope your tooth 'heals' itself...

  3. That's a clever idea for the herb markers. I put the heat on last night (gas, no wood chopping workout for me!) and it's not even that cold yet, I must be going soft :D
    Lovely squirrel print.

  4. what lovely herb markers, the last print is simply beautiful, what a talent! I've cut wood in my time but never that much, I am quite impressed :-)

  5. Hi Heather -- I love the Union Jack in my palette! And what a job you have with that wood -- I am totally filled with admiration! good luck with the roof repair. And thanks for stopping by!