Friday, 24 October 2014

Blustery week ...

Hearing the weather forecast earlier in the week we did question how well our temporary cover on our half finished log store roof would hold up to gale force winds. We did have to make some adjustments to it on Monday morning which entailed Gary going up unto the roof while I passed up heavy concrete blocks to add to the many bricks already up there. Happy to report that even though the wind blew gusts of alarming strength the blue tarpaulin stayed put. All we need now is a couple of fine days to finish it off. 

So it's Friday again and that can only mean one thing, it's...

 .. Fabulous Folksy Friday Finds!

'W' -  is the letter helping us this week. We are nearly at the end of this alphabet adventure through the many shops on Folksy, but we are still finding wonderful wares to showcase here. Do pop by the shops, their url's are under their photo's.

  'W' is for...

Would look great perched on a lapel
W is for Wren - and what a sweet little bird he is. Sarah re-cycles second hand finds into little wonders of textile art. There is a whole flock of little birds awaiting discovery in her Folksy shop: 

Save your pennies here
W is for Welly boots - This pretty purse is just right for keeping your small change safe. Especially like the brooch birthday cards back in Kirstie's Folksy shop, a card and a gift combined, what a clever idea!

A stylish swirl of copper wire
W is for Wire - This copper wire pendant is rich with autumn tones and would brighten up even the dullest day. Emily works wonders with her range of wire jewellery with earrings, bracelets and rings tempting you in her Folksy shop:

Pass me the knitting needles now!
W is for Wool - Jo's Folksy shop should come with a warning. If your crafty pleasure is knitting or crochet work then brace yourself and be prepared to not leave empty handed. Her fibre work and hand dying makes for a glorious riot of woolly loveliness:

Here we have been busy getting Gary's new abstract mono print series ready for our online shops. Two more have been released this week and are getting lots of attention. The 'Winter Vineyard' Abstract Print transports me back to our time living deep in rural south west France. The area of Gascony we called home is where Armagnac is made and the rolling hillsides are filled with the vineyards that grow the grapes that are distilled into the honeyed wonder that is Armagnac. In winter the stems of the vines can be seen, twisted branches which look like dark scribbles against the bare earth. I may be slightly biased but I think Gary has captured the fields perfectly.

Winter Vineyard

The first February after we had moved into our French fermette we decide to plant our own vineyard. We visited an agricultural fair, the biggest in the region and spent time picking the brains of a viticulture expert on the type of vine we should plant. We came away with 100 vines for red wine production and a dozen mixed red and white eating grape varieties. We then set about planting them on the south facing slope of our little hillside. It was very hard, arduous work, done in the worst of the winter weather. We hired a 2 wheeled tractor to try and ease the workload, it didn't help. It was such a steep slope we reverted back to digging by hand. We did see some grapes whilst we lived there and I do sometimes wonder if it is all still there...

Our winter vineyard in it's infancy

Enjoy your weekend.

'Drawing is putting a line round an idea.'
Henri Matisse.


  1. you are connected to a wonderfully creative net world, I enjoy your shares, and my goodness hand planting in the cold you are brave adventuriers :-).

  2. Wow -- It certainly sounds like a vineyard is tough work -- I have an increasingly high respect for those who make wine their life. Your finds are fun and I really am enjoying your new prints. Hope the wind doesn't mess you up too much.

  3. Do you ever go back to France to visit your old house? It looks idyllic. My husband would love to move there, but I am less keen. Being vegetarians, I doubt that the restaurants there would have much to offer us.

    Another beautiful collection of Folksy Finds - the wren is so cute! :)