Friday, 1 August 2014

First of the Month

These Fridays seem to be on speed dial the way in which they keep rushing around on us. And it's White rabbits all round as it's also the 1st of August.

All this means it's again time for..

 .. Fabulous Folksy Friday Finds!

The letter 'L' has helped us to find special items for this week and simply styled, neutral elegance seems to be the order of the day. A look around all the featured shops is heartily recommended as they all have gorgeous items waiting to be admired, their shop url's are under their photo's.

  'L' is for...

Tea or Coffee?
L is for Leaf - Every mug needs a coaster and these are so decorative they would look great simply adorning a table top. Charlotte has a talent for ceramics and her shop has lots of useful and beautiful items for homes and gardens alike:

Like something Jane Eyre would have in her sewing box

L is for Lace - This pincushion is one you can make yourself as Lorna sells the kit for you to create your very own. There's lots more sewing challenges back at Lorna's Folksy shop:

Such a sweet scented package

L is for Lavender - These pretty in pink lavender bags are almost too gorgeous to hide away in a drawer. Gillian's Folksy shop is awash with vibrant fabrics stitched in to loveliness!

For your favourite chair

L is for Linen - This linen cushion has such understated elegance to it, love the neutral tones and can imagine it looking good in every room. Lots more cushions to fall into in Cher's Folksy Shop:

Here in our studio we've had a tidy up, not that it ever stays that way for very long. We always have to remember to leave one of the top shelves clear for the cats to have a perch on high to be able to check up on what we are up to. Although this week they had other entertainment to keep them occupied. Last Monday we found them hunkered around the wood stove, one sat on top, (which they know is never allowed), and the other sat on the hearth flags gazing into the glass door. As Gary had set it with paper and kindling ready for our next fire we couldn't see anything. But once a torch was flashed into the stove we could see what all the fuss was about, a sparrow had dropped down the chimney and must have been petrified as two pairs of cats eyes followed it's every flutter. Gary set about catching it once the cats had been banished to another room. It took him 45 minutes to catch the bird with a great deal of Anglo Saxon language colouring the air! Would you believe it but the very next day the same thing happened and who knows it could have been the same bird. This time it made a quick getaway as Gary directed it to the open window and it flew straight out... wouldn't mind but when we had the stove fitted we had asked for a bird guard and the fitters said the cowl they had used would be sufficient!

One of Gary's dog prints has been causing lots of interest this week as the Pinterest board I had made for the Folksy front page has been featured in their weekly newsletter. So our Shnauzer is feeling like the 'top dog' just now.

He's liking all the attention

This weekend we'll be back in the Studio and hopefully the new ink will have dried sufficiently for me to print the next colour on my landscape reduction linocut. Gary, with his tidy desk, will be cutting a print to add to our farmyard collection. 

Enjoy your weekend.

'When all else fails, read the instructions.'


  1. Thank you for featuring my coasters! Have a great weekend x

  2. Your finds are fun this week, but I really like your sweet new dog print! And thanks so much for all your comments on the Gypsy -- I'd reply in person but your email address doesn't come through with your posts, but I wanted you to know how much they are appreciated! Cheers!