Friday, 8 August 2014

At last the weekend...

It feels like we haven't even stopped to draw breath this week and the thought of the weekend makes us sigh with relief. We might just find a little time to escape the Studio and see what's happening in the garden, no doubt the lawn will be up to our knees!

Before we start winding down we need to get on with..

 .. Fabulous Folksy Friday Finds!

We are now half way through the alphabet so it's the letter 'M' which lead us to our fabulous shop finds this week, don't forget to drop by all the shops their url's are under their photo's.

  'M' is for...

Two for Joy
M is for Magpie -  So much attention to detail makes this brass etched cuff bracelet a real statement jewellery piece. Anna's Folksy shop has lots of lovely original pieces, especially like the medieval flavour that flows through it:

Shhhh.... someone is sleeping
M is for Mouse - So firstly we just love this shop name - Mrs Plops Shoppe - which can't but raise a smile. Secondly the little mice you'll find hiding there will make you smile again, lovely work, all found in Catherine's Folksy Shop:

Fun Copper Fungi growing in a pot
M is for Mushroom - have to admit here that these are on my Christmas list. Allie and Mick's Folksy Shop has a selection of Copper garden ornaments which would look equally good in a pot on a windowsill, (now that's just made me think I'd like two sets of these fun fungi!):

Ceramic Moth in search of a flame...

M is for Moth - this is one Moth I'd let flutter around the house. Richard's Folksy Shop is a witty, eclectic mix of items, so diverse you just need to see it for yourself!

Back here in the Studio we were delighted earlier in the week to be invited to sell in a new online shop. It's the new Country Living 'General Store' which has been recently launched by Country Living Magazine. Gary's 'Hare in the Barley' is proving popular and getting lots of views. Hoping it means more people get to see our work and hopefully add it to their Christmas wish lists.

Hare in the Barley - now available in the Country Living 'General Store'

Yesterday evening while picking some salad leaves for supper I spied some ripe strawberries ready for eating. We have some late variety Strawberries just coming into their own which we planted in the strawberry table earlier in the summer. At about the same time whilst we were moving the York flags from the old seating area to our newly built arbor we discovered some wild strawberry plants hiding under the trees at the bottom of the garden. I potted them up and they have been happily sitting on the patio basking in the sunshine. It made us laugh to see the size variation between the two varieties. The delicate wild ones win hands down in both the perfume and taste department.

Wild Strawberries always remind us of the time we toured through France looking to purchase our home there. As we cycled and walked through the many quiet country lanes of rural France we came across numerous banks cloaked in drifts of wild strawberries. Whenever we spotted the tiny berries we would stop and sample the warm fruits, made even more delicious by being savoured in the outdoors with just us two and the odd bird for company, such joyous memories...

Wild and tiny versus big and juicy

This week we will be catching up with the more fun creative side of life and printing the next colour plate on both of our landscape prints. Plus we need to think about siting our water barrels, especially with how the weather is predicted to perform in the next seven days!

Enjoy your weekend.

'We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails.'


  1. What a beautiful selection of creations. I just wanted to say thank you so much for featuring my sleeping needle felted mouse.

    Do you live in France now? I would love to live there! :)
    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Catherine x

  2. What lovely finds you always come up with - adorable!

    Many congratulations on getting a place on the new online shop.

    I love the tiny wild strawberries, too. We have some growing under a railway bridge near us, but the mice/rabbits/birds got there first this year - will have to wait for the blackberries to ripen instead!

  3. You always come up with the best things! Those strawberries look wonderful -- our season for those, I fear, is over.