Friday, 22 August 2014

Bank Holiday Weekend...

So it's the last bank holiday this weekend until December. Not being fond of sitting in traffic or milling through crowds of people we will be staying put and dividing our time between the garden and the Studio.

So before everyone else starts their long weekend it's time for...

 .. Fabulous Folksy Friday Finds!

The letter 'O' is our inspiration for this weeks finds, don't forget to drop by all the shops their url's are under their photo's.

  'O' is for...

These two will keep any eye on your books!
O is for - Owls, in the shape of these two fun bookends. Lynda's Folksy shop is filled with wooden creatures. We especially like the polar bear family, they would make wonderful Christmas decorations - there, we've done it, we've mentioned Christmas!

A tangy Orange bag

O is for - Orange. And what a splash of colour. There are lots of colourful felted items back in Claire's Folksy shop, even the raw materials to try your hand at the craft yourself.

A striking swallow pendant

O is for - Origami. Katie takes the intricate folds of the art of Origami and transforms them into bold shaped pendants. More intricate designs back in Katie's Folksy shop:

Feel the need to plant something!

O is for - Oak. These traditional plant markers along with their hand turned dibber would put a smile on any gardener's face. Lots more garden themed must haves back in Chris's Folksy shop:

Back here we had a day away from the Studio yesterday.  In the early evening we found ourselves driving back home over the top of the Pennines. The sun broke through the clouds as we reached the summit, highlighting the rich warm purples of the heather which cloaks the top of the fells there. We both commented that we have never seen the humble moorland flower look so beautiful and this then started a debate as to whether we should stop and pick a sprig or two. After studying the nasty looking barbed wire topping all the fencing and feeling the opportunities to park safely at the side of the road were limited we decided it best to leave it to be admired from afar. 

I remember as a small child the fashion for people decorating their car front grills with a sprig of purple heather. I think it may have been tied there as both a good luck charm plus denoting that they had recently visited either the English Lake District or the Scottish Hills. It always made me feel a little special that so many people had a piece of 'me' on their cars.

All this talk of heather brings us around to my latest print offering, a linocut of the panoramic views seen from the Top of Gummer's How Fell overlooking Lake Windermere. One of our favourite short fell walks, which always rewards the walker with splendid views. I am please the colour blend of inks mixed for the heather in the foreground matches the real life colour.

A postcard sized view of the English Lake District.

Must share the sign we say in a vintage shop driving through York yesterday, most amusing...

'What if the Hokey Kokey IS what it's all about?

Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Thanks so much for including my Orange felt bag- Its a sunny day today and after reading about your walks on fells I'm going to put down my knitting needles and get my walking boots on :)

  2. Nice picks from Folksy. I love the owl bookends!
    I grew up in Lancashire and we used to go the the Lakes a lot so seeing your new print brought back lots of good memories :D

  3. Lovely Folksy finds! And love the colours in your Lake Windermere! :)