Sunday, 25 May 2014

Sunday sorting photo's...

Busy archiving photo's here in the Studio while Gary is working on two new prints featuring assorted flora, they look very promising.

I always love these early stages in the creative process, Gary never fails to surprise me and how he can take a couple of images from our vast library of archived photo's and compose them into wonderful pieces of art. He's trying to decide which method to use, they are going to be printed in 3 or 4 colours and are very complicated, he's working out whether to cut 4 separate plates or use the reduction method, (a really tricky process of cutting away at the image after each colour is printed so the lino plate gets literally cut away).

One of the images that has inspired his latest work is taken from a photo shot on a visit last summer to Benningborough Hall, which is situated on the outskirts of York. The walled gardens there offer a wealth of material, we are overdue another visit there soon...

Hoping that our borders emulate these one day!

Door leading to gardening paradise...

Amongst the library of photo's I'm presently trawling through I came across this cute photo of our two furry girls when they were tiny kittens, they only just fitted into the wine carrier.
(Note: No kittens were harmed in the taking of this photo)!

We should have named them 'Shiraz' and 'Chardonnay'!
Hope they raise a smile or two.

And can someone tell the rain, enough plants in danger of floating off... only up side is our radishes are being pumped up to golf ball size!


  1. What a precious photo of your kittens - adorable. Beautiful gardens, too. I can see why they would inspire your art work :)

  2. Aww, such a sweet kitten photo! Beautiful garden photos too. I have just posted about our raised beds on my blog. Hope it is helpful. Best wishes, Pj x

  3. Aww, if only kittens remained as kittens - what a gorgeous photo.