Monday, 12 May 2014

So here goes...

So it's only taken 5 months to get around to starting a blog, as usual there is too little time to squeeze everything on the 'to do' list into our busy life, but here goes...

What to share with anyone out there wishing to read on... well our little art studio always has interesting projects on the go, new prints being cut and printed, animals being added to the menagerie of artworks, inspiration for new images coming from anywhere and everywhere. And not enough hours in the day to get them all down in ink... but we enjoy striving to capture more of what makes us happy.

Next dog print ready for the press, can you guess the breed?

Honesty offering inspiration for a linocut

When the lure to get outdoors gets too much our recently acquired garden is a green and pleasant space to while away some - productive - time, planting seeds in the greenhouse, adding to the raised beds in the veggie garden, heaving paving slabs into place, building seating areas where we can take time out to admire our horticultural toils.

Waiting to be planted out - purple beans, courgettes, butternut squash and Cosmos.

And what to do with all that wonderful home grown produce? Straight into the kitchen and into salads, or the good old slow cooker, maybe the slightly dented preserve pan, then into any old jam jars we can lay our hands on to be stored in the pantry to be brought out and enjoyed once their contents have matured into some epicurean delight, perhaps slathered onto some homemade sourdough bread?

From this...
..Sourdough starter or 'Chef'.. this... Freshly baked Sourdough bread

So that's the arty stuff, gardening and the kitchen covered, what else sparks our interest and gets us away from all this homespun activity, well beautiful York is down the road and the peace of the Yorkshire Wolds is in the other direction, the best of both worlds depending on the mood.

In future posts we want to share our art, gardening pursuits and tips, recipes to inspire, days out exploring and also the work of other industrious artisans and the wonders they produce.

Every Friday we will be showing some of the fabulous, hand crafted items available on Folksy.
Items will be chosen using the alphabet to assist the hunt for goodies, so this Friday being the first of many Folksy forays it will be 'A' that kicks us off.

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