Friday, 16 May 2014

Light the blue touch paper, get the Trumpeters to purse their lips and get ready for the fanfare as here comes our very first...

.. Fabulous Folksy Friday Finds!

Tra La!

As we are going with an Alphabetical theme it's 'A' to start us off and what a wonderful choice it gave us browsing through Folksy looking for items to fit into the brief, hope you like them and if you do why not take some time out to browse around their shops, all links are provided under the photo's.

A is for...

Divine paperwork Angel's Wings
These fabulous Wings are available from Helen's Folksy shop:

Put on some Jerry Lee Louis and Rock those pots!
This colourful Apron is available from RosieAnn's shop:

We want him to follow us home
This handsome chap is found along with other pooches and pals at:

Simple elegance with bite!
A juicy piece of jewellery available at Angela's Folksy shop:

What an inspiring selection to start us off, already have an eye on what will be
giving the 'B's some bounce next Friday.

And back here in our studio we have another print tile waiting to get inked up for the press. It would really give the game away to show it all here but here's a sneaky peek of what looks like bracken, could it be a woodland scene?

Pencil rubbing to check all the cuts are correct

Looking forward to this sunny weekend, lots to do in the garden, still getting on with the grand plans. We will be heaving stone flags into place around the greenhouse and planting up the next newly built and painted raised bed with courgettes and purple french beans.

A green tapestry of tiny saladings

And for all those gardeners who are passionate about seedlings, sedums and sun kissed tomatoes here's a quote from the great Gertrude Jekyll that sums it up quite neatly...

'The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies'.


  1. A wonderful collection.
    Thank-you for including my little Airedale x

  2. This is a lovely idea for a regular feature and what a fab and unusual collection.
    I like your way of checking your cuts - I never thought of making a rubbing, great way to save ink!