Friday, 5 September 2014

Indian Summer perhaps...

Hip hip hooray, the sunshine has returned and according to the weather bods we can look forward to a mild autumn. We might just get a squash out of the veg patch yet!

It's that time yet again, time for...

 .. Fabulous Folksy Friday Finds!

The letter 'Q' proved to be a challenge and some of the finds might be stretching the pretext of our Alphabet challenge. Just wait until we get to X and Z.... All the brilliant Folksy shops featured are well worth a stop over, their url's are under their photo's.

  'Q' is for...

The many shades of Autumn

Q is for Quilling - This is such a fascinating craft and these pretty leaves show what wonderful structures can be achieved. These delicate Maple leaves are made from Eco friendly paper and come in a fluttering pack of three types of leaves, Oak and Sweet Chestnut are also included. Victoria's Folksy shop also has some fabulous Christmas decorations too, (yes, I mentioned the Christmas word again!)

Simply Beautiful

Q is for Quilting - It's official I just love this quilt! Made up from Harris Tweed and sumptuous deep velvet it's just the sort of blanket to snuggle under as the evenings get chillier. Also love that Lisa uses her sweet little Westie dog to help model her quilts! Check out these quilts and Rosa the dog back in Lisa's Folksy shop:

Organic Elegance

Q is for Quartz - This pretty necklace captures the raw beauty of the two types of Quartz stones used. Corrina's Folksy shop is full of original jewellery pieces and is worth a visit to get your wish list started!

Country Cottage Chic

Q is for Queen - Queen Bee that is. Hand printed onto soft grey linen this busy bee cushion would add a hint of regal splendor to any room. If you are on the hunt for stylish cushions look no further than Helen's Folksy Shop:

Back here the floral garden is moving into it's Autumn colour palette, with the bright yellow of the Rudbekias lighting up the borders.

Rudbeckia trooping the Autumn colours in the garden

In the Veg garden we are still enjoying the many fruits of our labour. It's all been a waiting game this year as we had to hold back until quite late in the season to be able to plant up everything we had lovingly nurtured from seeds. We have at last picked our first outdoor cucumber, there are lots more to come, so that's 'posh' sandwiches all round - although we do like to keep our crusts on!

First Cucumber of the year

We are not going to get caught out this year with our wood supply and have been taking time out to split logs and burn carbs all in one action. The patterns in the log store are worthy of a photo.

Installation Artwork for the garden perhaps?

In the Studio the press has had a rest while we both are busy cutting lino plates. Gary is working on an intricate request piece which is taking up all of his time, it looks like it will be stunning once completed. I'm working in autumn tones so I don't have to look too far for inspiration.

Our Black Labrador is proving popular at present, he is a handsome chap and very faithful too. Gary is always adding to our 'kennel' of dog prints and is happy to take requests for breeds not already available.

Man's Best Friend

Enjoy your weekend.

'Wag more, bark less'.


  1. Hi Heather,

    You rocked the Q! And I loved all your choices. Those quilling ornaments are surprisingly elegant and graceful and I can see why you fell in love with the quilt.

    My garden is nearing its end. Must pick grape tomatoes today. There is a tomato blight going on here; I was lucky to get what I did. If lucky, a late crop of radishes will yield something -- but no guarantees. Happy weekend!

  2. Love those quilled leaves! I'm hoping my butternut squashes will ripen with this weather, fingers crossed! My outdoor cucumbers did nothing this year, I usually have more than I know what to do with.

  3. I've had my eye drawn to log piles many times, yours is a real piece to inspire! I first saw 'fine art' log piles in Switzerland.

  4. Really lovely picks. I love the quilled leaves and the pendant. Great patterning in your log pile :D