Friday, 12 September 2014

Feeling under the weather...

This week's Friday blog nearly didn't make it, we are both suffering with colds at present and seem to be spending our days either coughing, sneezing or sniffing. The only thing keeping the spirit willing is the odd hot toddy! 

So without further ado here we go with...

 .. Fabulous Folksy Friday Finds!

The letter 'R' has unearthed some gems this week, have to say this is one of my personal favourite finds collection, could happily find space here at home for all of these items. All shops are well worth a browse around, their url's are under their photo's.

  'R' is for...

Get packing...
R is for Retro - as in Retro, Vintage style Carpet Bags. I am desperate to book a trip away just so that I can have an excuse to purchase these fabulous bags from Tracey's Folksy shop. From the choice of fabric to the styling and finish I just love these bags, talk about travelling in style!

Understated elegance
R is for Ring - This silver and 9ct gold ring has an almost organic quality to it. Especially like the random pattern made from hammering process and it's lovely sheen. Jane's Folksy shop is a must see for jewellery addicts.

For your country home
R is for Rug - I've always had a soft spot for rag rugs, they look beautiful when completed and I like the idea that they are putting to good use all those scraps of fabric left over from other crafting. The colour palette Teresa has chosen for this piece would add a hint of warmth to any room.

For your smallest room

R is for Roll Holder - As in loo roll holder! I do love ornamental ironwork and am in admiration for those people who have the skills to produce such elegant pieces from hard metal. Hayley talks about her passion for blacksmithing and it truly shows in her wonderful iron workings, her Folksy shop shows her skills for this art form, I love every single item in it!

Back here things have moved on at a snail's pace. The barrel of windfall apples sat in the kitchen from our foraging exploits needed attention over the weekend so I set to and put on a large pan of chutney. 

Apple harvest

Settled on a recipe for Bengal Chutney, a hot little number that went down well last year with everyone who tried it. The unexpected benefit of having chutney bubbling away on the stove when you have a cold is that the vinegar fumes go a long way to clearing the head!

Approach with caution

In the Studio we managed to get another limited edition landscape print photographed and uploaded to our online shops. Pleased to say it was immediately picked up for the front page on Folksy, it's always great to get some extra exposure. 

It is an atmospheric snow scene of the Yorkshire dales in winter and is limited to just 25 prints. It looks a great hillside for a spot of sledging, just remember to aim for the gate at the bottom!

Winter Dales - a limited edition of just 25 prints

Gary is still working on his next wildlife print. It has to date visited the printing press 4 times and there is talk of at least another 3 colours to be added to the print. That information translates into a registration nightmare for the hand printmaker, with every pressing being reliant on placing the paper in exactly the same position as the previous pressing... looking forward to seeing the finished print.

Hopefully this weekend we will feel up to tackling the garden, the grass seems to be growing at an alarming rate and the weeds are competing with the winter salad leaves. We also need to start thinking about spring bulbs so will make time to spend a pleasurable half hour perusing the bulb brochures and imaging our spring garden extravaganza.

Enjoy your weekend.

'A cloudy day is no match for a sunny disposition'.
William Arthur Ward.


  1. I love the items you chose and your descriptions from all the Folksy shops and thank you so much for including my rug. I love apple chutney and with your added chilli too yum! Love your Yorkshire Dales print, very atmospheric!

  2. So sorry you are feeling under the weather. Hope it all clears up soon and you can enjoy your weekend.

    Thanks so very much for your comments on my retirement post. They mean a great deal to me!

  3. Hope you're feeling better soon. Your chutney looks like it would blow your socks off!
    I think those carpet bags are beautiful!

  4. Good idea! Here I am full with cold too, and I am expecting my new order of organic cider vinegar to arrive. Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Hope you are recovering from your colds. The chutney sounds great. I love a hot chutney! Super finds from Folksy and congrats on the well-deserved front page feature for your print.