Friday, 11 July 2014

Sun and showers...

This week has seen us, in equal measure, both bathing in bright sunshine and ducking huge raindrops. The weekend weather forecast shows more of the same so we may well stay put in the Studio and wait for some fine days to come our way.

It's Friday so here goes with another...

 .. Fabulous Folksy Friday Finds!

It's the turn of the letter 'I'  - this proved quite a difficult task to find items which fit the bill, but we have unearthed some real gems. Don't forget to take a look around all the featured shops, their shop url's are under their photo's.

  'I' is for...

A pretty purple Iris that blooms year round

I is for Iris - this lovely Iris is just one of the many glass items that blooms round at Joy's. There are also butterflies, frogs and even a caravan all made from glass, find them all in Joy's Folksy Shop:

Delicate silver Ivy leaves 

I is for Ivy - These Ivy leaf stud earrings would make any gardener smile. Jenny takes real leaves and seeds to create her jewellery, her Sycamore seed pods are especially beautiful. Find them in Jenny's Folksy shop:

Keep your bug friends happy in this bijou home

I is for Insect house - Mike makes homes to keep all the bugs, bees and birds happy in your garden. Just love the idea of a Kestrel House! All available from Mike's Folksy shop:

Love the simple rustic style of these coat hooks

I is for Iron coat hooks - add style to your hall with this statement piece of ironwork. Colin crafts metal into not only beautiful but useful items for the home. Our kitchen is crying out for one of his pot racks! Find hooks, racks and candle sconces in Colin's Folksy shop:

Back here Gary has added another beautiful Black Cat Print to our online shops. And this time she is up to mischief...

Watch out for those claws!

Available from both our Etsy and Folksy shops and we can personalize the print with your own cat's name if you prefer.

Garden update: we have this week had our first potatoes of the season. They were grown in a plastic sack as the garden wasn't ready for planting when we bought them as seed potatoes. I seem to remember they were called 'Rocket' and they might be a little small but they are delicious. We have another two sacks of them which we will allow to get larger, that's if the temptation to indulge in another potato 'fest' doesn't take hold of us!

Just add a hint of mint and some butter...Mmmmm..

Enjoy your weekend.

'Stagger onward...rejoicing'.
W.H. Auden.


  1. Thank you very much for including my I for Iris in your lovely blog. I've shared it on my Joysofglass Facebook page. Apologies for only just sharing it but I've had such a busy day I somehow slipped seamlessly into Saturday without noticing. :)

  2. Colourful items, love your cats prints, nice spuds too :)

  3. I love every single photo! Very nice finds indeed!