Friday, 25 July 2014

Holiday Mood

It seems everyone is in holiday mood, the schools are out, the summer sun has arrived and the general mood of everyone seems lifted. The weekend stretches in front of us with all it's potential, but before we kick off our shoes and head out to enjoy the weather it's time for...

 .. Fabulous Folksy Friday Finds!

It's the letter 'K' in the spotlight and we've found a great selection of beautifully crafted items all from fellow Folksy sellers. Don't forget to take a look around all the featured shops, their shop url's are under their photo's.

  'K' is for...

Elegant key - it must open something special!

K for Key - such a delicate looking silver Key pendant. Gemma's shop is full of really original jewellery, any hand stitchers out there just take a look at her little thimble necklace, so sweet:

An Oriental flavoured purse for all your Yen

K is for Kimono - Well, 1950's Kimono material to be precise. It makes a very colourful purse with a vintage look to it. Carol uses all sorts of vintage materials to make her pretty purses. Find them all in Carol's Folksy Shop:

Such a delicate pattern, beautifully crafted
K is for Knitting - This is knitting of the highest skill level, just love the muted shades used in this heather shaded cushion. Rachel crafts some lovely items with her knitting needles up in bonny Scotland. Find blankets, scarves and cuddly hot water bottle covers back in her Folksy Shop:

A flash of blue for your lapel
K is for Kingfisher - Just love the jaunty pose from this bright blue Kingfisher. There's a whole aviary of bird life fluttering around Sarah's Fun Folksy Shop:

Two of Gary's new cat prints made their way into our online shops this week and both are getting lots of attention. The sleepy black cat is another inspired by the many photo's we have of our little black beauty and the Tuxedo is based on a friend's new feline buddy.

Black Cat Bedtime

Tuxedo cat looking dapper

In the garden the flower borders are recovering from the battering they suffered in last week's storms. The new Shiatsa Daisies were worst hit, think it might be wise to cut them back and hope for a second flush of blooms. 

The greenhouse is getting greener as the tomatoes and chillies take over every available inch on the inside. We savoured our very first tomato yesterday lunchtime, a couple of tiny ones had coloured up first and the anticipation was too much to let them stay on the vine any longer. Can't wait for the glut to commence...

As everything is vying for space under glass on fine days the Aubergines get to play outside. I planted up 4 plants that I had raised from seed earlier in the year and they are all looking very healthy with lots of flowers. Will feel so guilty when I have to stop them after two fruits appear, always want to try and nurture more fruits off each plant. I have a delicious Aubergine Chutney recipe which I am hoping I can fill the pantry shelves with!

Aubergine flower with Spider keeping guard

Enjoy your weekend.

'Life is like a 10 speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use'.
Charles Shulz.


  1. Good finds! And I love your Tuxedo Cat print. My tomatoes are yet to ripen but they look so promising -- and the basil is going great! Pesto was made yesterday -- the first of many batches to come!

  2. Nice collection for Folksy Friday! Your aubergines are faring far better than mine. I started them too late this year, but the tomatoes may do all right if the good weather continues :)

  3. Lovely finds. I love your Tuxedo cats! And lovely to grow veg that grows well :)