Thursday, 19 June 2014

Summer Solstice

The sun has reached the full extent of it's arc across our skies and the longest day of the year is with us once again. I always note in fascination where the sun rises and sets according to the time of year. In June by the time the sun dips over the horizon it has moved more than three quarters of the way around our home. Hoping the days of high summer offer us lots of sunshine so that the many tomato plants we have planted in our new greenhouse reward us with lots of red - and yellow - fruits.

Another Friday and time for another...

.. Fabulous Folksy Friday Finds!

We've reached the letter 'F' and we certainly had a lot of fun making our selection this week. Don't forget to take a look around all the featured shops, their shop url's are under their photo's.

  'F' is for...

Sleepy Fox enjoying a nap on this comfy cushion

F is for Fox - There are lots of fun foxes and other woodland characters in Sarah's pretty Folksy shop.

Hard to get lost while wearing this flower!

F is for Flower - Such unusual blooms in Leah's Folksy Shop, especially like the idea of a wedding bouquet of these re-cycled flowers.

How about a fairy at the bottom of your garden?

F is for Fairy - Fascinating wire work can be found back in Topsy's Folksy shop including some fun bookmarks.

Such a realistic Frog, wonder if he would scare off our slugs?!

F is for Frog - Jess has not only frogs but toads and the odd snail wandering around her Folksy shop.

Our weekend will be divided between gardening jobs and the Studio. We need to build more raised beds and plant up our new plant purchases plus find homes for the Cosmos and Nicotiana plants we have grown from seed. In the Studio we both have work to do on our new limited edition lino prints, this entails more cutting away at the image, mixing inks and more printing sessions.

Here's a taster of some of the colours appearing on my floral piece, only a little a peek though....

Not quite traffic light colours

The sun painting the sky with sensational colour

Enjoy your weekend.

'Only Robinson Crusoe got everything done by Friday'


  1. Sleepy Fox pillow is the best! I love your palette for your garden piece. Reminds me of Christmas!

  2. fabulous fox and fairy, and such a cute and unique map flower, you've wonderful and clever items here...