Friday, 7 November 2014

First Frosts ...

.. Within a matter of days we have gone from warm sunny days to our first frost of the Autumn and what a shock it was. The garden is looking very autumnal apart from some brave Cosmos that just keeps on flowering. This weather does act as a reminder that Christmas is just around the corner and this week's finds would all make great gifts for someone special. So here we go with..

 .. Fabulous Folksy Friday Finds!

 'Y' is the letter of the week and has offered up some lovely, Autumn themed items. Do pop by the shops, their url's are under their photo's.

  'Y' is for...

For your log cabin in the woods

Y is for Yew Clock - This slice of locally sourced Yew tree makes a very handsome clock face. Paul searches local timber yards for wood with interesting forms to turn into his unusual clocks, lots more back in his Folksy shop:

Woolly brooch for knitting fans

Y is for Yarn - In the form of a tiny pair of knitting needles with a ball of yarn which is actually a cute brooch. Such a fun gift idea for any knitting mad friends. Max's Folksy shop is filled with lots of craft themed jewellery:

A home for your yarn

Y is for Yarn Bowl - Think these are such a great idea. Instead of chasing your yarn around or even having to wrestle it off the cat it will sit securely in this purpose made bowl. Especially like the glaze used here, it reminds me of roast chestnuts. Gary's Folksy shop has pots for all sorts of occasions:

Autumn leaves are falling

Y is for Yellow leaf - This delicate leaf is crocheted by Kasia and can be used as a table doily, perfect for this time of year. The fine detailed work that goes into the crafted pieces is wonderful, lots of time and patience has gone into every one. Find more of Kaisa's handy work back in her Folksy shop:

As this week has used Y for inspiration we couldn't miss the opportunity to feature one of our 'Y' for York prints.This is one of Gary's linocuts featuring York Minster, the tracery of the heart shaped window casement to the bottom right of the print is known as the 'Eye of York' as it looks down onto the great city.

The Medieval Cathedral of the city of York

When we first moved to York I decided to train to be a tour guide for the city. This entailed attending night school classes, lots of training and sitting exams. But I loved it all and really enjoyed the job itself, although after talking non-stop for 5 hours left me feeling more than a little hoarse!

York was home to Guy Fawkes, who found infamy by being part of the great gunpowder plot. The city goes to great lengths to celebrate the anniversary of the failed plot and the 5th November sees great firework displays taking place. Although we didn't get to see any fireworks this year the date did conjure up memories of 'bonfire nights' attended as a child and how my Nanna would always bake homemade Parkin for the night. We both love Parkin so I dug out a recipe and made a great slab of the gloriously sticky cake. Think I might have been a little light of hand with the black treacle as it isn't as dark as I remember but it still smells delicious and it contains lots of ginger and oatmeal. We are being very patient and leaving it for a couple of days in a tin to get even stickier before we take our first bite, can't wait!

Sticky, oaty treat

The 'tease' last week showing just a corner of Gary's latest print can now be revealed. Here it is, titled 'In the old Elm tree' it is an image of two magpies perched high in the branches of an old Elm tree, both on look out duties. It is getting lots of favourable comments since we listed in our online shops.

Two for Joy!

Enjoy your weekend.

'Autumn carries more gold in it's pocket than all the other seasons.'
Jim Bishop


  1. I grew up in Lancashire and love parkin too. It doesn't seem to be widely known down south.
    Great Folksy picks especially that wooden clock, the colours of the wood are beautiful. And I can't believe the detail in the linocut prints - stunning!

  2. What a perfect Y post! I loved hearing about York and I think that's a great idea for someone new to a town -- learn to be a guide!

    Your print is beautiful -- both prints, actually. Great detail and wonderful "feeling." And I love that yarn pin!